Unexpected Benefit

Reading Time: < 1 minute

I am a cyclist.  I generally ride as much as I can.

This does create some tension in my personal life.  Safety is a root cause.

So, I have ridden with Road ID’s “ecrumb” application (https://www.roadid.com/pages/road-id-app)  for several years.  It allows my wife, or anyone else I add, to track my rides via an emailed link.  There are similar applications from other companies.  The main benefit is if something unforeseen would happen, your last known location is traceable.

Recently, I discovered an added benefit of the application.  I lost my phone on my ride. 

I had put my phone in my jersey back pocket.  That’s fairly common.  But this was not a particularly well fitting jersey and I had my repair kit in there as well.  And, I had a little off bike incident that apparently dislodged my phone without me knowing it.  We won’t call it a crash, since I never hit the ground, but I did come off the bike in a fairly unceremonious way.

As soon as I got home, I realized my phone was missing.  We looked on the “ecrumb” and the application reported the last known position as the spot of my little event.  When I rode back to the spot, there my phone was, laying under a little bush.

A nice surprise.