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About This Space

I hope is to use this space to investigate, refine, and share my thoughts on the major themes in my life (and I suspect others as well).  All the advice I read on creating a successful and profitable blog emphasized the need to specialize and focus on one specific topic. Well, I guess this isn’t likely to be successful and profitable then.  Which is fine, because that’s not the main goal. Mostly I appreciate the discipline and rigor of attempting to put my thoughts into written words. Also, specialization is boring. Thank you for stopping by, I hope you find some nuggets of value here.  

About The Author

Stephen resides in Columbus Ohio with his wife, daughter and stable of bicycles.

Stephen is a fox, not a hedgehog.  And all attempts to get him to choose a specialization have failed to date. His professional background spans technology consulting, investment banking & asset management, and private company operating experience.  He currently serves as a financial executive for a privately-held, growth-stage software company.

Outside of work, he’s generally pretty busy balancing family commitments and personal endeavors.  Fortunately those intersect frequently – especially around all things outdoors like cycling, skiing, climbing, hiking and camping.