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Another Prediction

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There’s a lot of commentary out there about how forecasting is fruitless.

Fruitless but fun.

So, let me call another peak (I called a couple here).  You have seen peak Joe Manchin.

With the Nevada senate seat win giving the Democrats 50 and a solid and improving chance to prevail in the Georgia run-off now that the implications for control are gone (i.e., less Republic turnout), that would result in not depending on Joe Manchin for a deciding vote.

Good riddance.  

Who would have thought that would be a result of the mid-term elections?  Seems like folks are getting tired of bat shit crazy.

Ukraine is on the offensive and retaking their country. Election deniers got the short end of the stick. You may have seen peak Donald – too early to call.

I haven’t been this optimistic in months.