Influential Reads – January 2023

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On Reading More “The solution I devised for myself is a simple one: 25 pages a day. That’s it. Just commit to that, and then do it.” – Farnam Street

Well, that is one way to start the new year.  Set a few goals.  Miss them all.

Certainly behind on the book reading front.  Also, want to maintain an average of writing one article a week.  And behind on that one.

So there is no where to go but up!

Big news is in the works on the career front.  That one is actually going according to plan here in February.  More to come once the fat lady sings.

Here are my most influential reads for the month – in no particular order:

  1. After a Timeout, Back to the Meat Grinder! – “Now things get more complicated. While the most extreme froth has been wiped off the market, valuations are still nowhere near their long-term averages.”
  2. Why the Federal Reserve Should Raise Rates by Half a Percent – “Financial conditions have loosened significantly in recent months and, by some measures, are around levels that prevailed last March when the Fed initiated this hiking cycle.”
  3. Why Competitive Advantages Die – “The only thing harder than gaining a competitive edge is not losing that advantage when you have one.”
  4. How to Get New Ideas – “The way to get new ideas is to notice anomalies: what seems strange, or missing, or broken?”
  5. On Email and Horses – “The right question is not, is this useful? But instead, how do we want to use it?”
  6. The Federal Reserve Is Trimming Its Assets. It’s Not Working – ” The Fed’s QT has had relatively little effect on financial conditions since it got under way last year. And in a surprising twist, the new battle over the nation’s debt limit will largely negate any impact QT might produce”
  7. Inflation, Rising Interest Rates Brought End to Cheap Money – “Cheap money—an incredibly popular and influential feature of finance that led to a surge of wealth, speculative trading and booms in ridiculous investments such as   meme stocks and   digital images of cartoon monkeys—died suddenly in 2022. It was 14 years old. Cheap money is survived by its estranged relative, expensive money.”
  8. Rental Housing Is Suddenly Headed Toward a Hard Landing – “Why has the rental market turned so weak? As rental housing economist Jay Parsons points out, new lease demand cratered in the second half of the year, and was negative for the full year for the first time since 2009.”
  9. 2023 is the Year of _________ – “2023 is a pivotal year for many startups. Churchill once said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.””  SMS here: SFTE could turn out to be a pivotal year for the family; need a moto.
  10. The Critical Question – “They assume you’re price sensitive, and expect you to ask why something doesn’t cost less…but they are not expecting you to ask why something doesn’t costmore.”

Note: This is based on when I read the article, not necessarily when it was first published.  Unfortunately, my backlog of things I would like to read always seems to dwarf the amount of time I can devote to reading.

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