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That’s A Bunch of…

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Attempting to avoid some of the politics here, I would like to pose a question:

Where haven’t they found classified documents?

Another question, again, attempting to avoid the politics of the situation:

Who the hell is in charge of securing classified documents in this country?

Excel Template: Bridge Waterfall

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A quick post this week of another excel template.

This is often called a bridge or waterfall and is a fairly common way to present a “walk” to a target or goal.

Available on Gumroad.

Please see some others here:

  1. Excel Template: Stacked Bar Chart with Total
  2. Excel Template: Football Field Chart
  3. Maturity Schedule

These are downloadable on Gumroad at no cost.  

Drop a note in the comments if there is something excel that you would like to see.  No promises.  

Remember, you get what you pay for…

Influential Reads – December 2022

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“We tend to assume that the worst that has happened is the worst that can happen, and then prepare for that. We forget that “the worst” smashed a previous understanding of what was the worst..” – Brain Food: Figuring it Out (

Happy New Year!

First post of 2023.  I’ve set a goal for posting more.  Competing priorities last year, especially the fourth quarter, hampered my ability to read, write, and post.  

However, we successfully sold the business to a new set of investors, delivering a great outcome for our prior shareholders.  So with that behind me, I hope to be spending more time here.

Note on the book reading front – I did knock out the entire Travis McGee series.

Here are my most influential reads for the month – in no particular order:

  1.  Take Calculated Risks – “Making an unconventional decision can be a very lonely action. Yet, when the person making it has intimate knowledge of a situation and has calculated the risks involved, it often proves to be precisely the right one.”
  2. 3Q 2022 GMO Quarterly Letter – ” Looked at in this way, it seems as if a value strategy in the U.S. should be avoiding the “shallow value” stocks that are mildly cheap relative to the market and focusing solely on the “deep value” quintile. “
  3. Summary of My Post-CPI Tweets – “Overall Core ex-housing (which includes core goods) is down to 5.2% y/y. That’s the lowest since…well, September 2021. Going the right direction but unless core services start to decelerate, there’s a limit to how good this picture can be.”
  4. The Fed is Dead – “In fact, rather than slowing corporate price increases, the Fed’s rate hikes seem to be having the opposite effect.”
  5. Billionaire David Tepper Is Betting Against the Stock Market Because of the Federal Reserve – ” I think the upside/downside [risk here] just doesn’t make sense to me when I have so many central banks telling me what they are going to do”
  6. Q&A with Scott Reardon: Great Investor Track Records – “Generally they were looking for companies where free cash flow yield + growth rate equaled 20% or more. In other words, they were looking for returns double the market average, which is exactly what all of them achieved over their long careers.”
  7. How private markets became an escape from reality – “Private equity firms reported gains of about 3 per cent this year, when public markets were down 20 per cent or more and tighter money battered all markets similarly.”
  8. How to Hedge Inflation and Avoid the Biggest Bond Risk – “Inflation is the biggest long-term risk for bond investors.”
  9. BNP Paribas studied 100 years of market crashes – “A typical recession bear market is 1.5 years in length, with a median drawdown of 38% and a median peak in the VIX of 40.5. “
  10. TeamDynamix Secures Investment to Deliver Rapid Innovation for IT Automation – ” TeamDynamix, a leading IT automation provider, today announced that it has secured an investment from New York-based Level Equity Management while existing investor, K1 Investment Management, will roll a material portion of its proceeds from its exit into the business.”

Note: This is based on when I read the article, not necessarily when it was first published.  Unfortunately, my backlog of things I would like to read always seems to dwarf the amount of time I can devote to reading.

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