Winter Boot Liners

Reading Time: 2 minutes

I found an original pair of Sorel Caribou, the standard issue winter boot, in a Thrift Shop in St. Augustine, Florida a few years back.

Great boots for winters out here in Utah.

However, the liners were dying – particularly the fur cuff.  

Last winter, I searched and could not find Sorel branded replacements.  Found some other options, but the compatibility was questionable.

Well, it appears July is a good time to search for winter boot liners.  They are currently in stock at Sorel.

Mrs. SFTE said I should go with the black collar vs. the white.  Know. Your. Audience.

The only question was my boots say size 9.  They also say they were made in Canada.  So I guessed they meant size 9 in U.K. sizing.  Sorel’s run a bit big, but I am generally not a 9 in anything.  So, I went with size 10 U.S., which corresponds to size 9 U.K. and size 43 in EU.

Back in business.

Pray for snow…