Gear Review: Auto Snow Brushes & Scrapers

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We have lived in snowy climates for sometime, but the environs of Park City certainly upped the the snow fall levels a bit from Central and even Northeastern Ohio.  We also changed the requirements with the addition of our van – which at close to 10’ tall – is not going to fit in most garages.

Here is what we were using in Ohio.  

I am not going to spend time reviewing these older brushes, but you can see by the design, that ice scraping was a bit more important than actually moving snow.  I actually try to avoid scraping ice and use this method to defrost icy windshields ( quickly.

Last year, I upgraded our snow brush to the SubZero 48” Polar Vortex based on a review from Blister Gear Review.  A definite upgrade to what we had been using.  The foam part did fall off.  But an ample application of Gorilla Glue seemed to provide an adequate repair.

This year, I went ahead an upgraded a bit more to the 60” Snow Moover.  Again, an upgrade from prior brushes.

A few features of the Snow Moover vs. the Polar Vortex brush to point out:

  1. One side of the head is a brush and another side is a soft scraper vs. an integrated brush / foam scraper.  Both sides pivot, but you can see the difference.
  1. Longer reach – 60” vs. 48”.
  2. Straight vs. curved.  This probably impacts ease of storage more than anything else.
  3. Feels substantial vs. a lighter tool (a touch subjective).
  4. Ice scraper – pretty similar, but as I said above, I try to avoid scraping.

In summary, my recommendation is to get the right tool for the job.  That is 80% of the battle.  Either of these brushes is a good upgrade, but I have found the 60” Snow Moover to be superior.

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