Influential Reads – November 2021

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“Writing is often the process by which you realize that you do not understand what you are talking about.” – Farnam Street

My reading and writing was lacking this month.  But that is just where I was.

Here are my most influential reads – in no particular order:

  1. The Man Who Called Bullshit on Uber – ” Companies that move people and things make money by closely controlling their workers and physical assets.”
  2. Are the New ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Services Good? – “If you’re not sure who’s funding the bottom line, Lowry told me, it’s probably you, in one way or another.”
  3. How Mormons Became American – “Mormons didn’t become avatars of a Norman Rockwellian ideal by accident. We taught ourselves to play the part over a centuries-long audition for full acceptance into American life. That we finally succeeded just as the country was on the brink of an identity crisis is one of the core ironies of modern Mormonism.”
  4. The Winds of Change – “In other words, in this extreme example, a U.S. president can be elected with just 47.0 million votes (22.0% of the total) versus 166.9 million for his or her opponent.”
  5. The CEO of you – “Big company CEOs get paid ridiculous amounts of money, but the good ones also do something that most of us avoid.  They make decisions.”
  6. Inflated – “And this ability to raise prices faster than inflation is really impressive given the industry is one of the most heavily subsidised in the U.S.”
  7. The Great Salt Lake Is Desolate. It’s Also Divine. – ” More disturbing is the destination of some of that water: my house. “
  8. Reset – “But some of it will flood the bank and brokerage accounts of the sort of people who are collecting jpegs of crudely drawn rocks and apes and other useless bullshit. I know, I don’t get it, blah blah blah. “
  9. Shortages are Unmeasured Inflation – “In the meantime, just remember that with inflation over 5% presently and shortly headed above 6%…the inflation rate is understated, and we know that because there are lots of shortages.”
  10. Johnny and Angel Collinson: Skiing comeback – “If somebody wants to explore their potential, whether it’s in sport or otherwise, that means they are going to walk into uncharted territory,” says Dr Gervais

Note: This is based on when I read the article, not necessarily when it was first published.  Unfortunately, my backlog of things I would like to read always seems to dwarf the amount of time I can devote to reading.

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