Gear Review: Dexter-Russell All-Purpose Turner

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Not to get all Marie Kondo on you, but every time I pickup the Dexter-Russell All-Purpose Turner (not spatula), I’m happy with my decision to spend a little extra.  And I would place this solidly in the “buy it for life” category of purchases.

Pancakes. Pancakes.

Plus, it turns me into a pancake making machine.

There are multiple styles, but I chose the 5 inch, “all-purpose” version and purchased through Amazon, but available elsewhere.

Purchase Date:      October 2018
Summary:  Definitely a worthwhile purchase.


  • Solid, well made cooking utensil
  • Beats the pants off a plastic spatula
  • Thinner metal blade with rounded corners and beveling slides under food
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Really not that expensive
  • Looks good too!


  • For the grill, you could use a longer handle (12” overall)

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