Fumbling Through February

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It seems to happen every February.  

It’s the first reporting cycle of the new year (unless you are blessed / cursed with a non-calendar year fiscal year).  And inevitably something isn’t ready.

Processes that have been refined over the last twelve months, don’t go smoothly.

That trusty “fill right” that worked all last year goes awry.  There’s no data where there should be.

That analysis you setup a year ago, needs to be setup anew.

All those formulas that were trustworthy for so many months and barely required checking, are no longer reliable and need to be checked.

And in so many cases, it’s difficult to setup in advance without that first month of data.

So you fumble through the first close of the year.  Saying to yourself, that next year you will find a way to make it easier.

The only silver lining is that you have one more month until you really need to figure out those year to date reports.

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