Ski Gear Thought Experiment

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So, I put this together to send to the Blister team, since they will give you gear recommendations if you are a member.  They’re great; I highly recommend their reviews as well as a membership.

However, I decided what I really needed was more reps, not more gear.  So as of now, I have not made any new purchases, but am considering another guided backcountry trip.


I have been building out my ski gear lineup over the last few seasons; making an investment or two each season.  Where would you recommend investing for this season?

Here is my current gear lineup, built over the past five seasons or so, while living mostly in Ohio but skiing Colorado quite a bit.  We’re currently in Park City, Utah.

Skis (In Order of Acquisition):

  1. Dynastar Slicer (175) – I bought this ski back in 2016 and really love it.  It is my daily driver and I generally have to look for reasons not to ski this ski.  It inspires confidence.  It’s my baseline for the rest of the skis below.
  1. Dynastar Distorter (179) – I bought this setup off season in 2016 at a price that made it sort of impossible not to purchase.  I use it as a “beater” ski, when coverage is less than ideal.  We will occasionally cruise through the park, but that’s not where I spend significant time.  So generally this ski doesn’t do anything better than my other skis.
  1. Head Supershade iTitan (163) – Purchased this ski in 2018 and have learned to enjoy it early season and days I want to work on short turns / carving.  The ski has helped me progress.  It is obviously a short length and a carving ski, but I have found it to be way more versatile than I expected.  Matched to the right conditions and objectives, I always enjoy this ski.
  1. Line Sick Day 104 (179) + Atomic Shift Binding – Bought this at the end of the season in 2020 based on Blister reviews and as a 50 / 50 ski as I have started touring a bit.  Touring was all we could do at the end of 2020.  I also use the ski on softer inbounds days.  I find it seems to require a bit more attention than the Slicer and that I need to “drive it” a tad more to inspire the same level of confidence.  But that could also be conditions or my own shortcomings as a skier.

Boots (In Order of Acquisition):

  1. Nordica GPX 110 – Call this my first real ski boots that fit properly.  I have a narrow heel and my prior boots would fall more into the comfort category.  After a bunch of work, this boot and I get along just fine.
  1. Atomic Hawk 120 XTD – purchased with my Lines at the end of 2020 season for my touring setup.  I have been impressed with the boots and the fact that I’ve actually not had them worked on at all and they feel pretty good (only 2mm BSL difference between my boots).  I could use a punch or two.  I mix and match them a bit with my other skis depending on my mood.  They ski significantly better when you remember to take them out of walk mode.

Personal Details & Ability:

I am 46 years old, 5’ 11”, 160 lbs and am reasonably athletic (D1 track and field).  I’m not a super aggressive skier, and maybe take a little bit more playful approach.  I am a late to life skier, having grown up in Florida, but can ski 85% of the Canyons comfortably.  Steep bumps and deep powder are areas I need to work on in particular.  I spend most my time trying to keep up with my nine year old daughter, who is a natural skier (this will be her sixth season).  She skis the Atomic Bent Chetler in 133 because Santa likes her more than he likes me.  My ski lengths are probably conservative.

We skied ~85 days last season.  Mostly inbounds at the Canyons, or early season at PCMR, and ~5 days night skinning PCMR, and ~5 backcountry days.  Backcountry was a touch scary around here last season, but hope to do a bit more this upcoming season and did my AIARE level 1 in March at Snowbird.

2021 / 2022 Season:

My goal would be to continue to progress as an all-around skier and would prioritize any investment along those lines.

Here’s what I have been considering:

  1. Powder Ski: I lean toward something like the Moment Wildcat, Blizzard Rustler 11 (length?)
  2. Dedicated Touring Setup: Raven (length?) + ATK Raider? My spirit animal is the Raven, what is yours?  I am really just looking for an excuse to buy this setup.
  3. Updated Daily Driver: Something a bit firmer (Masterblaster, QST 99?). I honestly would consider getting the Dynaster Menace 98 in longer length before you can no longer find it.
  4. Invest elsewhere – Newer boots, other, etc.  For boots, I would probably be looking at the Nordica Pro Machine in 120.

What would you recommend?  And I welcome any other reactions to anything I wrote above.