Hard Tacos

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Mrs. SFTE decided to torture our daughter the other week.  She made tacos.  Taco Tuesday you know.  But with a wrinkle.  She made hard tacos.

These were the new and improved version.  These hard tacos had flat bottoms so they stood up on their own.  However, they still broke down the middle, spilling all the contents as my daughter found out the hard way.

I honestly cannot remember the last time I ate hard tacos.  Guessing here; but I think you could measure that time in decades.

It’s funny how your perspective changes.  I think the first time I realized there was such a thing as soft tacos was at a restaurant at an age not too much older than my daughter.  What a paradigm shift that night was.  Maybe they were widely available before that.  I really have no idea.  All I know is that from my perspective there was only one kind of taco: hard.  And once I realized soft tacos were an option, I never went back.

Sort of like soft tacos for my daughter – until the other night.  She had no idea. Ha ha ha….