Love, The Renters

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We recently moved from the Cleveland area to Columbus.  We had lived in the Cleveland area for about seven years and somewhat reluctantly purchased a house during that period.  Mostly because we couldn’t find another rental house that met our needs for a reasonable price.

Note: Now that I’ve managed and paid for a full kitchen remodel and an entire exterior basement excavation, as well as paid egregious realtor fees, my definition of a  “reasonable price” has evolved.

The Columbus move was performed in fairly short order.  So we decided to rent for a number of reasons, including we were not that familiar with the area and purchasing a house would be one more complexity.

We found a single family house for rent by a couple where the husband has been working in Chicago and the wife was going to join him for a year.  Their youngest child had just graduated from a nearby college.

It’s a really nice situation.  Very nice house. Lovely neighborhood with lots of kids.  Good schools (although that’s the topic of another post). Walkable to a neat, historic downtown area.  Nearby parks and bike trails. Central to lots of things and within an acceptable commuting radius for me. (Neighbor cycles and owns a sprinter van – at my station in life – this is my definition of a friend with benefits)

Plus, renting right now is one less thing to worry about.  I’ve got enough responsibilities at work and at home. Mrs. SFTE is fine too – probably better than me –  mostly on the basis of Columbus, Ohio is likely not a forever place for us. And a home is a possession that ties you down.


An interesting pattern has emerged.  We’ve become “The Renters.” That’s how we’re introduced around the neighborhood.  

Mrs. SFTE picked up on it first.  She would grumble, we have a last name, it’s the SFTE’s

It’s an interesting sociological study.  Apparently, not owning a house, is enough of a fact pattern to define us.  Or maybe said differently, owning a house in our current neighborhood seems to be a major part of the self-identity of our neighbors.

It’s fine.  We’re taking it in stride.  

Lowering Your Property Value One Month at a Time

I’m going to have t-shirts made next.

P.S. Given the changes the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act brought to deductions for state and local taxes, this might of actually been a financially beneficial move for us, although inadvertent. We didn’t have any mortgage interest expense. Ask me about my definition of “renting” money.

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